Luminaires in Interior Design: Know Your Choices

Written by Kezia Indira - October 02, 2023

Lighting matters—it makes or breaks the functionality or aesthetics of a home. The right light fixtures transform a home by creating ambiance and improving colors and textures, resulting in better mood, emotions, and well-being. Instead of renovating your home, you may only need a slight tweaking of your light fixtures for a happier and more comfortable atmosphere. Explore some of our luminaire collections. 

The Solemn Knight, Good in Every Way

A pendant light standing alone as dignified as a solemn knight, radiant in its natural light, this ambient lighting gives off a color temperature of 4000K. The cool white illumination is energizing and stimulating. Therefore, the Solemn Knight pendant lamp is perfect for spaces where attention to detail is crucial, such as kitchens where you cook, dine, socialize, or even work.

The Solemn Knight single pendant light measures 86cm in height and 6cm in width. It boasts a transparent sword–shaped crystal infused with clear bubbles making this luminaire cast a dramatic bright glow. Artisan–crafted from crystal and metal in a matte gray finish, this single angular crystal suspended from a sleek canopy resembles a knight in shining armor coming in the daylight and dispelling the darkness.

Bask in the Twinkle of Gemstones

The clear night sky is full of stars, twinkling like gemstones in the darkness. Our Gemstone ceiling light bathes lonely voids in a subtle yet magnificent glow. This chandelier showcases ornate crystal droplets dangling gracefully as lightweight metal intricately weaves its delicate crystal beads. 

This ambient lighting emits a soft white light with a color temperature of 3000K, creating a warm and relaxing ambience. This light fixture carries light and life into the luscious display, making it perfect for your living room, where you welcome your guests and cherish your moments with your beloved family. 

The Gemstone ceiling light measures 117cm in height and 99cm in diameter. Featuring brushed-steel structure and fine metal spider web intricately holding 99 crystal droplets and  built-in LED bulbs, this light fixture was specially crafted for one who loves to bask in the shimmering glow of gemstones.

Swayed by the Rhythm of  L'Oiseau Bleu

Inspired by the French fairy tale of L'Oiseau Bleu (the Blue Bird) flying in the world and bringing wonder to people, the Bird ceiling light sways you under the rhythm of birds’ graceful swings and gentle glow. This artistic light fixture captures the ethereal beauty of birds. Their white bodies are crafted from paper crane origami while their beaks and tails are made of brass iron. These radiant birds perch on a brushed gold metal branch, swing gently when touched, and gleams a warm glow.

The Bird 3–light pendant lamp measures 73cm in height, 30cm in width, and 80cm in length. It has built–in LED chips inside the birds’white bodies, emitting a color temperature of 2700K—extra warm white. This color temperature adds a warm and cozy feel to a room, making the Bird ceiling light best for a living room, dining room, or foyer.

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