Hydra Dressing Table

Make yourself up easier, no more searching for the exact eyebrow brush or lipstick for the final touches. Using our Hydra dressing table you can easily organize your makeup, skincare products, or grooming essentials. Your grooming routine will be smooth from now on. The Hydra dressing table has 7 built-in drawers providing ample storage for your makeup or grooming kits, while its modern design will easily blend with any bedroom interior design.


  • Hydra dressing tables are handcrafted from marble and solid mahogany supported by MDF.
  • Marble is polished to accentuate its natural coloring and textures. Marble is 20 mm (0.79 inches) thick.
  • Frame surfaces feature fluted detailing for a touch of Mid–Century style.
  • Craftsman–built dressing tables use reinforced biscuit and corner–block joinery for sturdiness and stability.
  • Hydra dressing tables feature seven (7) drawers providing ample storage for your makeup kits.
  • Seven (7) drawers are mounted on push–to–open drawer slides.
  • Six (6) austenitic stainless steel–built legs are coated in a lacquered–gold finish for a protective coating and a subtle sheen.
  • Levelers on the bottom of each leg ensure dressing tables sit evenly and prevent scratches over the floor.
  • The Hydra dressing table weighs 98 kg (216.05 lb).

Dimensions :

Length: 165cm
Width: 65cm
Height: 77cm

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